It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Many an expat’s lament about living in Argentina is missing the things from home. One of the things at the top of that list for American expats has been peanut butter. Check any expat forum or blog and you’ll undoubtedly see someone complaining about the lack of peanut butter in Argentina.

Well, tell them to stop their bitching. Peanut butter is here in a big way.

While there was always a way to find peanut butter in Barrio Chino or at one of the dietetica’s it often left much to be desired. The brands in Barrio Chino typically had tons of sugar added and the others were often a weird pasty substance. Now, there’s two real options for you:

Dame Mani Peanut Butter ArgentinaDame Mani has long been one of the biggest brand of Argentine peanut butter, but only recently did they add an all natural option. The new “maní untable natural” has absolutely no added ingredients. It is now available in pretty much every supermarket. A 510g jar goes for about $28 pesos. Unfortunately they only have a creamy option, so chunky lovers are out of luck with this one, but…

Mil Mantecas Peanut Butter Buenos AiresOur much preferred choice is the handmade peanut butter from Mil Mantecas. Recently opened, this expat business handcrafts each batch – creamy or crunchy – from only the finest ingredients. Each jar is 340g of what I like to consider fine, craft peanut butter.

The crunchy we had was without a doubt the best I’ve ever eaten. I actually had to look at the ingredients again to confirm that it did not have any added sugar. The combination of sweet and extra crunchy was just perfect.

Mil Mantecas hand delivers each order and prices start at $25 pesos for classic and $30 pesos for crunchy plus delivery. Discounts are available for larger orders. It’s a bit more than the store bought brands but for the freshness and quality, it can’t be beat.

Now that you’ve got your peanut butter fix handled, it’s time to go back to bitching about other things like broken sidewalks and dog crap. 🙂