Buenos Aires Restaurant Delivery

New to Buenos Aires and don’t speak much/any Spanish?  Want to order delivery but feeling a bit afraid of having a phone conversation?  Well, Buenos Aires Delivery can help you with that.

The recently launched web site provides restaurant menus for over 80 Buenos Aires restaurants in 20 different neighborhoods, with additional restaurants being added each week.  In addition to providing updated menus in both Spanish and English, you can place your order online, thus assuaging your fears of having to make a call in your broken Spanish.

And, even if you speak Spanish perfectly, the site offers the opportunity to find some new places that deliver to your apartment and browse through their menus. They have some great maps clearly showing the delivery area of each restaurant.

This is a service that I desperately wish that I had when I first moved to Buenos Aires and didn’t speak a word of Spanish. I was limited to ordering from Romario because they were the only restaurant that had online ordering at the time. Luckily they were also good, but I’d recommend giving Buenos Aires Delivery a try today and you won’t be limited to ordering pizza and empanadas like I was!