Argentinean Beef

A lot of people back home have been asking me about Argentine beef: Is the beef really that cheap? Is the beef really that good? Do they eat a lot of beef?

The answer to all these questions is, “Yes.” Beef is definitely one of the staple foods here.  I have been extremely pleased with every single beef dish I’ve ordered. Last night I went to Oporto (which I would compare to a diner in the U.S.) and I ordered what I thought was the hamburger. For AR $20, it turned out to be a humongous steak sandwich (a very tender cut) with lettuce, tomatoes, a fried egg, slice of ham, and cheese on a large roll with french fries and a beer.  Not bad for about U.S. $6.50.

Ginger Gentile, another New Yorker in Buenos Aires, has produced a short clip on Argentine beef, which you can check out below. Some interesting facts from her documentary:

Annual Beef Consumption Per Person
China: 10 pounds
USA: 62 pounds
Argentina: 143 pounds

Bottle of water: $4 pesos / Sausage on a roll: $2 pesos