Xpat Life BA: New Expat Social Group / Launch Party

Expat Connection used to be a great group for new expats to meet and take part in organized outings in and around Buenos Aires. I met a lot of great friends through them and took part in a lot of events that they had when I first moved here. Unfortunately, the group fell apart some … Read more

Soo Yankee – You Can’t Pronounce Doble Ere

Check out this great new video from Tensixties, an indie rock band based in Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires del punto de vista de los Gringos: While you’re at it, check out their other music too… Great stuff.

Bubba’s Smokin’ Barbecue Joint

Ok, so your immediate thought on reading the title of this post is, “What? Barbecue in Buenos Aires? Is it actually possible that we can get seasoned and flavored meats in this land of beef but where the only spice used is salt?” The answer is, yes, now you can. Bubba’s Smokin’ Barbecue Joint¬†opens tonight … Read more

Smoothie Bar: The Jamba Juice of Buenos Aires – CLOSED

UPDATE: Unfortunately, proving that doing business in Argentina is no easy feat, The Smoothie Bar is no longer in business. Take a concept that has worked well in the United States. Copy it. Bring it to Buenos Aires. This is a business model that has worked out quite well as you can see from this … Read more

Enterprising Expats

I had previously written about a number of enterprising expats who have started successful business in Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Delivery, El Tejano, etc.) but one recent Cragislist Buenos Aires ad really caught my eye: 420 – $150 (buenos aires) Date: 2010-10-15, 2:32PM ART 4.20 delivery other stuff as well peace Well, we have to … Read more

Buenos Aires 2.0: A Re-Introduction

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m an expat. I live in Buenos Aires. Yes, I know that if you’ve been reading this site for any time now, you probably know a bit about me. But, to put it mildly, a lot can change in almost two years (and boy, has it ever). I’ve gone from being a … Read more

Reports Of My Retirement Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Much like Eminem, Michael Jordan, Garth Brooks, Brett Favre, and Claudia Schiffer, I am also coming out of retirement with the Discover Buenos Aires blog. Ok, ok, so it’s really nothing like any of them…but, nonetheless, the Discover Buenos Aires blog is back!¬† I have a bunch of stories, tips, and other ideas that I’ll … Read more