Enterprising Expats

I had previously written about a number of enterprising expats who have started successful business in Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Delivery, El Tejano, etc.) but one recent Cragislist Buenos Aires ad really caught my eye:

420 – $150 (buenos aires)
Date: 2010-10-15, 2:32PM ART

other stuff as well


Well, we have to give this guy credit for originality and openness. Obviously he is relying on the fact that 420 is probably only known to English speakers and the fact the Craigslist does not really have a tremendous amount of traffic here, plus he offers delivery and “other stuff as well.” (Guessing you have to mail him for info on the “other stuff.”)

Who knows, maybe he’ll see a lot of success and I’m sure the pay is better than teaching English.

Don’t know 420? Get in the know.