The Best Salsa in Buenos Aires

I’m happy to report that you can now buy some amazing Mexican salsa in Buenos Aires! The recently launched El Tejano is hand-making and delivering jars of salsa to Palermo, Belgrano and Recoleta. Just remember their slogan, “It’s a salsa, not a hot sauce.”

Started by expat Larry Rogers, he spent months perfecting his recipe before launching El Tejano to the public. He now makes over 8 liters a week and is delivering 50+ bottles a month, including supplying all the salsa to El Alamo.  All the salsa is made from only the freshest ingredients, and he has three levels of spice: 1, 2 and 3. He has been gradually making the #3 hotter and hotter based on feedback from a higher concentration of expats than he originally anticipated. You can choose 6oz for $10, 12oz for $15 or 20oz for $20. (I strongly recommend the largest size.)

Now, coming from the Midwest, I really only used salsa on nachos and Mexican food, but I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised by how good his salsas are and how versatile they can be.  It’s a nice change to add some flavor to empanadas, milanesas, meat pie, etc. I even ordered from California Burrito Company, and told them to hold the salsa so that I could use my own El Tejano stock. Plus, it’s great on nachos!

The only problem… it goes too fast. I have been buying three 20oz jars and finding that it does not last me two weeks. Laura (Argentine and adverse to much spice) has even been using it as much as me, though she prefers the #2 while I love the flavor of the #3.

Check out their web site and get your order in now before the demand is too high…

Also, if you’re looking for authentic Mexican tortillas, check out Las Tortillas de Pancho Villa. While I have not yet had a chance to try them out, a lot of people are raving about them. Plus, I imagine they go great with the salsa too.