Buying a Car in Argentina: Part I

We are now the proud new owners of a Chery Tiggo! And yes, I am the first of my friends anyone I know to own a Chinese-made car. How did we made the decision to buy a Chinese car, you ask? To get to the answer requires a deeper understanding of the Argentine car market. … Read more

The Argentine DMW

I’m happy to report that the Buenos Aires Registro del AutoMotor (the Argentine version of the DMV) is pretty much the same as its American counterpart – slow and inefficient. On the positive side, the Argentine DMV in Olivos had shorter lines than the NYC one. On the negative side, nothing is computerized and we … Read more

Sold the Car!!!

The Toyota Solara sold on Friday, and while it went for over a $1000 less that it was posted for and about $500 less than wanted, it is yet another thing to check off the list.  This one didn’t go easy either – it seems like everything that could go wrong did! Hit a double-parked … Read more