Getting Your Buenos Aires Driver’s License

UPDATE (12/4/13): There are new regulations in place that stipulate that if you have a foreign driver’s license and wish to get a full Argentina driver’s license, you need to get a certificado de legalizacion before going to get your Buenos Aires driver’s license. Without this, you will only be given a “beginner’s license” which means … Read more

The Joy of Driving in Buenos Aires

I’ve recently had an entirely new experience in Buenos Aires – the pleasure of having a car and driving around the city.  When I was first here, I was limited to the subway and taxis as my only means of getting around. (Yes, I never figured out the bus routes.)  Somehow, I have now become … Read more

The Argentine DMW

I’m happy to report that the Buenos Aires Registro del AutoMotor (the Argentine version of the DMV) is pretty much the same as its American counterpart – slow and inefficient. On the positive side, the Argentine DMV in Olivos had shorter lines than the NYC one. On the negative side, nothing is computerized and we … Read more