Sold the Car!!!

The Toyota Solara sold on Friday, and while it went for over a $1000 less that it was posted for and about $500 less than wanted, it is yet another thing to check off the list.  This one didn’t go easy either – it seems like everything that could go wrong did!

  1. Hit a double-parked car and ripped the passenger-side mirror off on the way to take the car to the buyer’s mechanic for an inspection. $220 later that was fixed.
  2. Replaced the registration sticker, but forgot about the expired inspection sticker. This meant a $65 ticket plus a $25 inspection to take care of that.
  3. The garage that fixed the mirror lost one set of keys.  The buyer was expecting two sets of keys, so now those will have to be replaced for him since the garage is claiming they have no idea where the keys are and I must have taken them. (Which would be really odd since they would have had no way to move the car!)
  4. Spent an extra $40 to list the car on eBay where it didn’t sell. Then sold it to the original buyer from Craigslist who offered a lower price than wanted.
  5. Gave the buyer the original title to take to the DMV. Unfortunately, I had ordered a replacement title because the (same) garage had lost that too but then found it. So, thinking I had the original title, I threw out the replacement which was a bad call since the original was no longer valid. The buyer found that out when he couldn’t register the car at the DMV. Ughh… $42 later I have a replacement title being sent via overnight delivery.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Right now, I’m just very glad the car is sold and I’m hoping once the new title arrives, everything will be done with this chapter of the move.