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Luggage Storage in Buenos Aires

UPDATE: This has been one of the most popular posts on our site so we decided to update it with the most current information. And remember, if you’re traveling to Argentina you can get 50% more on your money by using Xoom to transfer money to the country and taking advantage of the “dolar blue” rate.

Many people traveling within Argentina fly in and out of Buenos Aires, but do not want to take all their luggage with them to each destination. Here are some luggage storage options in Buenos Aires:

Your Hotel
Most hotels will store your luggage for you for some period of time. This would be the first place to check. (If you stay at Palermo Place Hotel, they will hold your luggage for up to 10 days either before or after your stay. This is a nice added benefit of staying with them, plus the hotel is really nice and in a great location.)

Your Apartment Rental
We rent several Buenos Aires apartments and quite frequently hold luggage for our guests while they travel to other destinations. If you’re renting an apartment in Buenos Aires, ask your host if they can help you out. AirBNB is a great place to start your search for an apartment rental too.

The Airports
Unfortunately, neither of the airports (EZE or AEP) offer a luggage storage service anymore. There is some information floating around that says they do, but it is no longer the case.

MySpace BA Luggage Storage
MySpaceBA offers one of the only third-party luggage storage services that we know about. They charge U$S 15 per week or U$S 50 per month for up to 3 bags or suitcases. They also offer pickup and return services within Capital Federal for U$S 20 each. We have heard several positive reviews of their service.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a place to store your luggage in Buenos Aires.


Moving Day

The last few days have been pretty crazy. I left Vermont on Sunday after finalizing all the packing up and preparing the house for the ski season. The last couple of days in NYC have been filled with running around – returning my leased car, sending some final pieces of mail and FedEx, returning license plates, canceling insurance, Craigslist’ing some last items, getting things notarized, returning cable boxes, re-packing, etc. As much as I prepared, it still seems like it’s coming down to the wire. But, there’s no turning back now.

I’m leaving for the airport in a few hours and giving myself lots of extra time to get all of the luggage checked in. I’ve always wondered when I was at the airport who those people with all the bags were. Well, today that is going to be me, because no matter how much I tried, I still ended up with twelve bags! Yep, five duffel bags, three suitcases, a pet carrier, backpack and two large carry-on bags. I’ve been re-packing and weighing all the bags to make sure they’re under the 50 pound limit (of course, my scale is probably not going to match Delta’s and I’ll have to spend time at the airport moving things between bags). So, let’s do some quick math: 2 bags each = free, 4 extra bags at $150 each = $600, 1 Delilah (dog) = $100, TOTAL: $700 extra.  Hopefully, I do not get hit with any overweight or oversize charges!

Off to do some more re-packing and running around now!


The Perfect Luggage for Clothing

Mountainsmith Travel DuffelAfter looking over the many Delta luggage restrictions, I ordered some great bags to use for the move from eBags.

While I already have some standard rolling suitcases, I’m going to need those to move my PC and LCD and miscellaneous household things I want to bring and that need some protection. I needed to find some light bags to stuff with up to 50 pounds of clothing, and the Mountainsmith Travel Duffel fit the description perfectly. The XL size is 61 linear inches, which is just under Delta’s 62″ increased size charge of $150. These bags were on sale for $48 each and if you buy them through Microsoft’s Live Search cashback program, you receive an additional 11% rebate. I bought three bags and saved some money thanks to Microsoft trying to catch up to Google in the search engine race.