Luggage Storage in Buenos Aires

UPDATE: This has been one of the most popular posts on our site so we decided to update it with the most current information. And remember, if you’re traveling to Argentina you can get 50% more on your money by using Xoom to transfer money to the country and taking advantage of the “dolar blue” … Read more

Moving Day

The last few days have been pretty crazy. I left Vermont on Sunday after finalizing all the packing up and preparing the house for the ski season. The last couple of days in NYC have been filled with running around – returning my leased car, sending some final pieces of mail and FedEx, returning license … Read more

The Perfect Luggage for Clothing

After looking over the many Delta luggage restrictions, I ordered some great bags to use for the move from eBags. While I already have some standard rolling suitcases, I’m going to need those to move my PC and LCD and miscellaneous household things I want to bring and that need some protection. I needed to … Read more