Moving Day

The last few days have been pretty crazy. I left Vermont on Sunday after finalizing all the packing up and preparing the house for the ski season. The last couple of days in NYC have been filled with running around – returning my leased car, sending some final pieces of mail and FedEx, returning license plates, canceling insurance, Craigslist’ing some last items, getting things notarized, returning cable boxes, re-packing, etc. As much as I prepared, it still seems like it’s coming down to the wire. But, there’s no turning back now.

I’m leaving for the airport in a few hours and giving myself lots of extra time to get all of the luggage checked in. I’ve always wondered when I was at the airport who those people with all the bags were. Well, today that is going to be me, because no matter how much I tried, I still ended up with twelve bags! Yep, five duffel bags, three suitcases, a pet carrier, backpack and two large carry-on bags. I’ve been re-packing and weighing all the bags to make sure they’re under the 50 pound limit (of course, my scale is probably not going to match Delta’s and I’ll have to spend time at the airport moving things between bags). So, let’s do some quick math: 2 bags each = free, 4 extra bags at $150 each = $600, 1 Delilah (dog) = $100, TOTAL: $700 extra.  Hopefully, I do not get hit with any overweight or oversize charges!

Off to do some more re-packing and running around now!