Fly To Buenos Aires for Only $706 – US Airways Share Miles Promotion

I’ve written a few times about US Airways’ “buy miles” promotions which are offered several times a year and are a fairly decent way to get cheap business class fares to Buenos Aires. Through those offers you can buy 100,000 US Airways miles for U$S 1881, or about 1.9 cents each. Now that’s a pretty … Read more

The “Next” Best Thing About Buenos Aires

Back in 2010 I wrote about the best thing in Buenos Aires. Well, I’m happy to report that I now have the “next” best thing in Buenos Aires! That’s right – at 4:30pm yesterday, Milo David arrived into our lives.  This has definitely been a great Buenos Aires experience!

Big Mac not on McDonalds menu in Argentina?

In Argentina, the Big Mac is an “off menu” item. Rumors have it that the government has asked McDonalds to keep the price of the Big Mac artificially low in order to hide the true inflation here, which is reported in the Economist’s Big Mac Index.

Deal is back: Fly to Buenos Aires for $887 coach, $1478 for business

US Airways is once again offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles until September 15. As we previously wrote: This means that when you buy 30,000 miles for $887, they give you another 30,000 miles – enough for a coach ticket to Buenos Aires. When you buy 50,000 miles for $1478, you end up with … Read more

Bank (In)Security

My Argentine bank has an interesting security feature when making certain transactions on their website. It asks you to identify siblings and parents before allowing you to make the transaction. Unfortunately, it has  a few flaws for non-Argentine customers: Spot the problem? 🙂