I Only Fly Business Class

That title might seem like an especially snobby statement, but allow me a minute to explain… I travel from Buenos Aires to the United States at least three times a year. Two of those trips are typically for my own business and one of those trips is a family trip. Each flight is at least … Read more

Fly To Buenos Aires for Only $706 – US Airways Share Miles Promotion

I’ve written a few times about US Airways’ “buy miles” promotions which are offered several times a year and are a fairly decent way to get cheap business class fares to Buenos Aires. Through those offers you can buy 100,000 US Airways miles for U$S 1881, or about 1.9 cents each. Now that’s a pretty … Read more

Fly Business Class To Or From Buenos Aires for $1881

US Airways is once again offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles. With this promotion, you can buy 50,000 US Airways miles for $1881 and get an additional 50,000 free. That’s enough for a low mileage business class ticket to or from Buenos Aires (and many other places as well). Business class seats routinely sell for upwards … Read more

Airfare Deals to Buenos Aires

We’re always on the lookout for good airfare deals to Buenos Aires being that normal coach fares are now over $1400. So when we came across two recent deals, we knew we had to share them. First, LAN is having their “the big deal” mid-year sale with fares to most South American countries on sale. … Read more