Argentina to Require “Visa” Fee for Tourists

Argentina Reciprocity Fee UPDATE: As of March 24, 2016, the reciprocity fee is no longer required for US passport holders. The Argentina reciprocity fee must now be paid in advance for all entries into Argentina – air, land and sea. We have a complete guide on  how to pay the Argentina entrance fee as the form is a bit complex.

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Please use the links above as the information below is now outdated.


The Argentine Post is reporting that the Argentine government is planning to require Americans and citizens of 115 other countries to pay for a tourist visa to visit Argentina. This would be in direct reciprocity for countries that charge Argentines a similar visa fee.  This fee will go into effect on January 1, 2009.

In addition, today’s La Nacion newspaper has an article quoting the Interior Minister that such a reciprocal fee is an “act of justice” and that a U$134 fee will be charged for Americans entering the country. He also states that it has nothing to do with the visa, which means that every 90 days us expats on tourist visas will have to leave the country and re-pay this fee upon entering again. There will not be a requirement to get a visa before coming to the country, just the need to pay this fee when entering.

While Brazil already charges Americans a reciprocal U$150 fee for a visa, this visa is good for 5 years. While the new Argentine fee may not hit many one-time visitors that hard, it will add a significant financial burden to the expat community on tourist visas who must leave and return every 90 days.  It might be time to look into getting a longer term visa as the lawyer’s fees and hassle might now be easily worth it.

UPDATE (2/25/09): The new fee which was scheduled to start march 2009 has now been postponed indefinitely.

UPDATE (12/11/09): That indefinite postponement is coming to an end as the new fees were just announced today.  Read more…

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