Argentina’s Travel Guide Web Site

Argentina’s Travel Guide is a site that I’ve had in my Google Reader for awhile now, but in recent weeks the site has really picked up the pace with a slew of interesting new stories and events happening in Buenos Aires (and beyond).  Here’s a quick description from their site:

Argentina’s Travel Guide is an online guidebook and trip planning site. We started the guidebook because how we, and other modern travelers, plan our trips is changing dramatically. Instead of a heavy guide book, travelers are carrying their super lightweight laptops, their iPods and cell phones across continents and oceans.

We are a small company focused on providing the best possible service to our clients. After you’ve researched your trip with the guidebook,  Argentina’s Travel Guide Tours provides top-flight excursions, activities and travel packages to ensure you enjoy the best experience in Argentina.

To help you plan your best trip to Argentina, we offer a complete online guidebook, a forum for your questions, a directory with local services and free downloadable pocket guides. The goal of Argentina’s Travel is to equip modern travelers with the most cutting edge travel tools from downloadable audio walking tours to advice on how to rent an apartment.

They really are much more than a travel guide though, so even if you’re not planning a trip, they’re worth checking out and I’d recommend adding their RSS feed to your list. (If you’re not using RSS yet, you should be! It’s the best way to keep up with all your favorite sites and Google Reader is very easy to use.)