Send Money To Argentina And Get The Best Rate

UPDATE (12/17/15): The government has allowed the peso to float and everyone can now buy dollars. This has devalued the peso and caused the blue dollar rate to shrink to only about a 5% difference from the official rate. At this time, exchanging on the blue rate probably does not make sense.

Quick Summary: If you have a US bank account, use Xoom to send money to Argentina and get the blue rate. If you have a UK bank account, use Azimo to get the blue rate. Read our summary on the dollar blue rate in Argentina for more info, as well as our complete list of money transfer services to Argentina.

UPDATE: Xoom’s rates vary daily. This post was updated with their rate of $11.81 on 2/3/15. The difference between the official rate and the unofficial rate has gone as high as 100%! Using your ATM card or credit card in Argentina is like throwing away money.

Most U.S. expats in Buenos Aires have Charles Schwab bank accounts. This had consistently proven to be the best way to get money from U.S. accounts while in Argentina. Schwab gives you the standard day’s exchange rate for all withdrawals, charges no international fees and also refunds all ATM service charges (about $17 pesos per withdrawal). I was routinely getting over U$S 100 per month refunded to me. With all these great benefits, this next statement might sound weird…

stopped using my Schwab ATM card and all my US credit cards in Argentina as of May 2012.

I have found a better option – Xoom. (If you have a UK account, use Azimo.)

Xoom is an international money transfer service (like Western Union, but with much lower fees). You can send up to U$S 2,000 per transaction and up to U$S 6000 in a 30 day period. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to their website, create an account and choose the amount you want to send
  2. Pay via direct debit from your bank account or choose to pay with debit/credit card (higher fees)
  3. Pickup the money from a More Money Transfers location or have it deposited into any Argentine bank account. If you choose to pick up the money, it will be ready within 15 minutes at most locations. Deposits to bank accounts take a couple of business days.

So, why is this better than using an ATM or foreign credit card? Because even with the Xoom fees taken into account, their exchange rate is so good that you’ll actually be getting more pesos on every transaction. For example, today’s official rate is $8.66 pesos per dollar. Xoom’s rate is $11.81. Here’s a quick breakdown of how that works out with an ATM withdrawal:

SendATM / Credit CardXoomSavings
Amount (USD)Official RatePesos ReceivedXoom RateXoom Fee (USD)Effective RatePesos ReceivedDifference (Pesos)Difference (USD)% Saved

How much you save depends on how much you typically withdraw in a month, but you can see that at U$S 2000, you’re saving almost 30%. Now you can see why I no longer use my ATM or credit cards, and send money with Xoom to my Argentine bank account and withdraw pesos from there. This also works great for tourists visiting the country – make a Xoom transfer before you come and then pick up your pesos at the More Money location in Buenos Aires when you get here.

You can also choose to use your credit card to transfer money to Xoom, but this has slightly higher fees and your bank will probably charge a cash advance fee as well as interest.

Want to give it a try? If you use any of my links to sign up, we’ll both get a $25 Amazon gift card from Xoom. This is pretty much free money too, because all you have to do is transfer $25 in order to get the gift card. So, if you only send $25, you’ll have $25 transferred plus an extra $25 on your bonus gift card for $0.29 more than a Schwab withdrawal would have cost you. Give it a try – there’s nothing to lose!

Some notes:

  • The Xoom website lists that you can pick up the money in pesos or dollars, but that is not correct. You can only get pesos.
  • I have transferred money to my bank account successfully and picked up money at More Money Transfers’ location.
  • There is several More Money locations in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires central) to pick up the money at. The main location is at Libertad 1057 between Santa Fe and Marcelo T. de Alvear.
  • If you have an ATM or credit card that charges fees, you can save even more money!
  • This works because Xoom is offering a rate is very close to the official ‘dolar blue‘ rate.
  • Xoom only works with US bank accounts or credit cards. You can use Azimo if you have a UK bank account.

Let me know if you were able to take advantage of this through our contact form and I’ll track that we both get the $25 Amazon gift card!

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  • This is awesome! I just signed up using your link and sent my first transfer. What a great exchange rate, this is going to save me a lot of money. Thanks for posting this!!

    • DaVe

      Glad you like it. Let me know how it goes for you…

    • mccomb

      Got my first deposit today. Yeah, it's going to save a lot of money!

  • Hola,

    the $100 you get refunded from the Schwab account is in pesos right?
    at least on my account the refund caps out at U$S30

    I will give a try to the Xoom system

  • eargentina

    Can you please update when you have attempted to withdraw the money from your account? This sounds like a great alternative, but I have some doubts in terms of what the local banks in Argentina will attempt to charge, and if you run into any issue here. Also, what about the Banco Central/AFIP controls in money coming into Argentina? I could be mistaken, but I thought that money entering the country is controlled as well, despite never really understanding exactly why.

    • mccomb

       @eargentina Got the money in my account today. All good. I transferred U$S 25 to test but am going to start using this all the time now.

    • Andrei

      Hi, I'm up to transfer some money from an US account to my bank Galicia acount here in Buenos Aires by using XOOM, I don{t know that is going to be better for me, pickup the money at any BBVA bank or make the transfer direct to my account in banco Galicia. I have tryed to ask about, ut as usual here nobody knows mucha about and there is just obstacles to find a good way to go.
      In the COMEX Comercio exterior offices they told me that the transfer will have and additional FEE, about $50 dollars each $1000 plus IVA. Do you know something about?. Did you do any transfer direct to your local account in Argentina successfully?

      THANKS , this is a great post it will help me so much

      • DaVe

        I transferred money directly to my Galicia account. There were no additional fees and the rate was the same rate that Xoom provided. It took about a week with all the paperwork and documentation, but that also depends on the amount you are sending. If you want to pick up money, the easiest location is More Money on Libertad. There may be less documentation required for that too, but I think again it depends on the amount you send.

        • Andrei

          thanks Dave, very helpfull. I'll try with $100 US then I'll see how's the thing with COMEX.

  • travel_abstract

    Cool Idea. I used Ally Bank debit cards that offered the same perks as Schwab.
    Sounds like a great way for me to send money to Argentina and earn miles/points (as long as its not charged as a cash advance).

    • mccomb

       @travel_abstract Credit cards will probably show up as a cash advance, so that may not work well. One way is to have the credit on your card already so that you do not get charged any interest though you may have a transaction fee too.

      • travel_abstract

         @mccomb That too bad. Still worth it to transfer money from US into Argentine Bank accounts.
        I remember renting an apartment in Palermo SoHo and doing rent/security deposit money runs to Banco Santander on Córdoba y Serrano. Always limited by the max Debit Card withdrawals of  $500 USD per day.
        This is a great way to avoid that form now on. Even though it was quite an experience to handle so much cash.

        • travel_abstract

           @mccomb Just completed a $25 transfer to Citibank in Argentina.
          It took an entire day to complete the transaction.
          I think this was because even though I am based in NYC, Xoom's partners are on the west coast. So by the time the money was ready for deposit into the account, the Argentine banks were closed for the day (3pm).
          Just my theory but I am going to do another transfer during after-hours and see if it holds water or not.
          So be careful about what times you make transfers and if it is money you need desperately you should start the process in advance just in case.
          Still wondering how much I can transfer before having red flags go off at Argentine banks. We shall see.

  • CathrinaMariaHerlihy

    very cool!  thanks for the post.  Do you know if it is the same for sending Peso to the US and getting dollars?

    • mccomb

       @CathrinaMariaHerlihy Cathrina, unfortunately it only works from the US to other countries.

  • ValentinRosciano

    no works for me, My client send me money and today i resceived the money. Banco fRances exchange rate was $4,39. i dont know if my client send using a bad option or what… can you help me?

    • ValentinRosciano

      Any one rescieve through Banco Frances with a $5 or more exchange rate? 

  • andywild66

    I'd love to signup to xoom with the $25 gift card link.  but I believe the local branches (Banco Frances and MORE) are forced to charge official exchange rates (about $4.37) so that 5.08 rate may not apply.  Anyways, I remember a friend who tried to open a XOOM account this last March to be able to withdraw money from his US bank account to himself here in Argentina.  XOOM went ballistic on him, asked for all types of proof/ID..  He had to fax internationally that stuff.. and  after all that work and money spent.. XOOM representatives replied ' it's strange that you are the Sender and the Receiver of the money at the same time,  sorry your payment will not be processed'.    So guys, for those who use XOOM for yourselves, how are you setting up the transfers?  any help is appreciated.

    • mccomb

       @andywild66 I've been talking to a few people now, and they have had no problems picking up their money at the exact rate from Xoom. They only needed their passport to get it too, though they did have to fill out a form with home address, source of funding, passport and reason for transfer. They transferred in pesos, not dollars and got the promised rate.

  • JaimeJensen

    Thanks so much for this info Dave!!  I picked-up my first transfer  at a fabulous rate of $5.03 (today is $5.18!!) at the Retiro More location – Libertad 1057.  My only complaint is that the website lists locations that do not exist in Palermo, but I have alerted the Xoom reps and hopefully the website will be updated soon.  From what I understood from the guy at the Libertad location the only others in Capital are in Nunez and Flores, so don't waste time trying the other locations.

    • mccomb

       @JaimeJensen Glad to hear it all worked out and that you only needed a passport to pick up too. Yeah, today's rate is great. I wish I would have waited a day to do my transfer.

  • travel_abstract

    Did anybody else send money to an Argentine bank account NOT in their name?
    Here is an excerpt from the email I received for transferring money to my girlfriend's Citibank:Quote:
    Con respecto a su consulta, las transferencias que puede recibir su cuenta desde el exterior cuentan con una comisión mínima de U$S 60.-. y el beneficiario de esta transferencia debe presentarse ante la sucursal de Argentina donde se encuentre radicada su cuenta a fin de firmar a modo de declaración jurada el formulario correspondiente según normativa cambiaria vigente.
    Can I not give money to anybody but myself without incurring these fees?

  • @mccomb

    did you resolve the u$d60 transfers to bank a/c NOT in your name issue?


    Paddy in BA

    • DaVe

      A lot of people are using this with no problem to send money to 3rd parties. I know a few people who are paying their consultants in Argentina this way.

  • @ Dave: Thanks – good to know – and now the obvious Q – how about the other direction – How to get pesos out ARG other than the u$d10K limit while travelling? – thanks

    • DaVe

      I know you can do it through exchange houses still. They used to charge 2-3% but I heard it is now 5-6%. Unfortunately, you may have to ask around to find one.

  • cambiopaypal

    Hi all, you probably already have a way to send or receive money in Argentina, but I wanted to inform the practical way to send and receive money via paypal.
    You open an account with paypal and we will buy the amount you want to send the price of the dollar or euro a day in Argentina.
    and deposit that amount in pesos in the bank account of the person you send the money in Argentina.
    For more information, please contact me. [email protected]

    • DaVe

      I posted your comment, but this is really a horrible deal. Dolarhoy lists the standard rate. Xoom gives a much higher rate. You should be offering something near the dolar informal rate at Your offer is no better than using your bank card to withdraw money and a lot more work and risk.

  • Tom

    To see the various black market and other "extraofficial" rates in Argentina, visit It gives you some context for the rates which xoom is paying (which are great).

    As far as transferring to a third party, if you can send the money to More Money Transfer, you should be able to avoid the US$60 account fee that was mentioned.

    As another user mentioned, many of the More Money Transfer locations no longer exist. I wasted a lot of time going to Retiro Bus Station, only to discover that More isn't there anymore. I also went for a walk to the branch in Constitucion (planning ahead for the next transfer; that location is not far from where I live). There was no sign that it ever existed.

    I picked up my money at the More location in calle Libertad 1057, like the other user. It went very smoothly, and I got a rate of 5.92 (minus fee). I just did another transfer, which I will pick up on Monday, for which I got a rate of 6.26. That's nearly 40% more pesos in my pocket than going to the ATM machine. (The "money discounts" listed in the chart in the article understate the real value of using xoom. Since I live here and use pesos, it would be better if the chart showed the percentage increase in pesos that you receive by using xoom, which as of today is, as I stated, about 40% more than getting money at the official exchange rate.)

    There were no extra or hidden fees when picking up my money. I got every centavo that was quoted when I made the transfer. No problems with AFIP or the government at all (up to now; here, as those of you who live here know, things can change by the minute).

    Run away as fast as you can from the user above, cambiopaypal, unless it's your last possible existing option. (Even then, I would still run away.)

  • razalba

    Thanks for spreading the word on Xoom – tried it for the first time yesterday and it worked perfectly, so easy, no hassle – my money was ready to pick up at More on Libertad almost instantly!

    • DaVe

      Glad to hear that it worked! It really is a good way to get that extra 40% on your money!

  • DCUnited

    Would the Xoom option work for tourists. I live in the US. Can I transfer the USD before I leave and pick it up upon arrival in cash at the Calle Libertad location? Is there an issue with sending money to myself? I guess I can send it to my wife's name too? Thanks!

    • DaVe

      Absolutely. A lot of tourists are doing just this so that they can get the extra 40% on their money. I'd recommend doing it a few days before you arrive so that you can provide any additional documentation that Xoom may require. Also, be careful about the amount you send because converting back from pesos to dollars can be a pain. Some recommendations to get rid of pesos at the end of a trip could include switching your hotel bill from credit card to cash.

  • sue

    what a great option! thanks for posting this! am planning to travel to buenos aires with my mom in november. we are planning to stay for a week. no idea how much things generally cost in BA. any suggestions on how much money is needed for food/transportation? don't want to be stuck with too many pesos at the end of our trip but also want to make sure we have enough. any suggestions are appreciated!

    • DaVe

      Hi Sue,

      Yes, Xoom is a great option. Here' some idea on pricing: Taxi from EZE airport to Buenos Aires – $200 pesos; dinner for two at a nice restaurant with drinks – $300 pesos and up; 15 minute taxi ride – $30 pesos; admission to Malba museum – $30. What you need really depends on what your plans are. Some ways to get rid of pesos at the end of the trip include using it to pay the hotel bill, taxis, etc.

  • GP

    Thanks for posting this and sharing the good news about xoom.

    Does anyone know if there is an equivalent system that works for transferring £GBP? I’ve just moved to BsAs and am being paid at home in £GBP. Would be great to get a better rate than withdrawing from the ATMs.


    • DaVe

      Unfortunately I have not seen anything for the UK. You might find someone working here who needs pesos back in the UK and work out a deal to transfer in the UK and pick up pesos here.

      • GP UK

        Thanks Dave. Sorry, maybe I wasn´t clear. I was wondering if it´s possible to use a system like xoom to transfer money from my UK bank account and then pick up the pesos locally in BsAs? Cheers

        • DaVe

          Sorry, that's what I was replying to. I think you have to find someone here who is earning in pesos and needs to get the money back to the UK and work out a deal. There is no Xoom for the UK.

          • Ed

            You can use – I have used that to send money from the UK to BsAs, and you get the same sort of rates as Xoom. You need to send a scan of your passport and a scan of a bill for proof of UK residence. It takes a couple of days to register but then it works fine. Got £s at 9.45 a few days back.

          • Don

            Would it also be possible to buy (dollars) on Xoom using a UK card and then just collect the pesos as normal?

  • Max

    How do you go about getting an Argentinian bank account if you're an American that just moved?

    • DaVe

      That is pretty much impossible these days without a DNI. There are some reports of banks creating accounts with a CDI and passport, but it is almost impossible to find.

      • Max

        Thanks but what's a DNI? (I'm obviously still pretty ignorant as to what I'm getting in to moving down there.)

        Any advice on finding remote or local work there? I'm 25, from Atlanta, Finance background, 2+ years experience in a tech start up.

        Thanks Dave, much appreciated.

        • DaVe

          A DNI is their version of a social security number. You need to be a legal resident to get one.

          Finding work can be tough. You might be able to find something off the books with a start up here as well. It all depends on your skills and background. I will say it may not be all that easy…

  • DC United

    Is the Calle Libertad location for Xoom pickup open on Saturday or Sunday?

  • German

    Hi everybody, i sent some money to my dad, and he picked up with no problem in Berazategui. I like the Xoom service, is quick and is cheap,

    the problem now: when you are picking up the money they ask you lots of questions….. i went to argentina from september 26 to october 11 and tried to send the money to myself and YOU CANT do that…. i told my wife and told her to open an account and NOT lucky again …. finally after about 4 phone calls to customer service she was able to send the money to my friend… who just picked the money and gave it to me…… it was just 500 USD …. ( for the last ASADO with my friends and to get some alfajores de dulce de leche ) i opened an account in Banco provincia de buenos aires….. still waiting for my dad to get the debit card thru the mail ….

    1 QUESTION : did somebody succesfully transferred money from usa bank to a argentinian bank ???? i know my argentinean bank account but the routing numbers is divided in 2 blocks ?? WTF !!!!!! can someone tell me wich one is it !!!! thanks and good luck !!!!!!

    German, from Plant City Florida

    • timbre

      Has anyone confirmed that you cannot send to yourself?

  • Juan

    I’m having a friend wire me 2000 dollars via xoom, I’m Argentinian and he’s an American. He’s been asked to submit some documents to xoom in order to verify his identity, job, etc. Does anyone know how long does that take? Has anyone ever wired 2000 dollars or more at once? Thanks

    • mccomb

      That’s pretty standard. They have to comply with a lot of money laundering laws. You’ll have to supply a bunch of information on the Argentine side too. Expect this to take 2-3 days.

      • Juan

        Do you know what information I will have to supply on the Argentinian side?

  • Juan

    Did you all have to wait for a call from MORE Money telling you you were able to pick up the money? I got the notification from xoom saying the money is ready for pick up, but I’m not sure whether I have to wait for someone from MORE Money to give me a call or just go to their offices. I need some guidance here! Thanks

    • mccomb

      You might be all set to go pick it up. Unfortunately, the process is not very clear. You will definitely have to provide ID, DNI, source of funds and answer some other questions when you get there.

      • Juan

        How am I supposed to prove the source of funds? I’m sorry for being so annoying.

  • Christopher

    I was quite happy to find this post while researching money transfers to Argentina. I set up my Xoom account and had success with the transfer. But imagine my dismay (and bad luck!) to arrive at Libertad 1057 today, my first full day in BsAs, and see a sign saying that the location is permanently closed as of today 20/11. Ugh.

    Is there any other location near Palermo? Otherwise I guess I’ll have to take the ATM fleecing…

    Thanks in advance!

    • mccomb

      Christopher – how is your Spanish? I’m going to guess so-so and the sign said something about “permanecer cerrado”? There was a massive strike in Buenos Aires yesterday that shut down most of the freeways and a lot of businesses. That sign meant that they were closed yesterday only and would be open today. Permanecer is “remian, ” not “permanently.” 🙂

      • Christopher

        Ha! “So-so” is a great description for my Spanish. I’m trying to get by with 3 years of high school Spanish from 20 years ago. You are indeed correct — it did say “permanecer” and not “permanente”. Thank you for your prompt reply — I was just about to cancel the Xoom transaction!

  • DCR

    It seems there is a problem in receiving money in Argentina from the USA. I have started a transaction on 12/04. I have contacted Xoom several times by phone and e-mails. I have also contacted More Argentina and More Mendoza where the recipient should be receiving the money. Xoom says the money was sent, but More Buenos Aires says it is not there yet!!!. The recipient drove 200 miles each-way (12/07) to get the money and it wasn’t there yet. The website gives data from the 4/12 when the transaction was started and says “confirmation in progress”. So, I don’t know what else to do. This is the first time it happens!. Before she could receive the money in San Luis (Cash pick up in BBVA Frances), however it is not an option now. Bank transfer was a headache and had to cancel! ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT???

    • Sorry, I have not heard of anyone having these issues before. I’d try and work with Xoom and More money to get it resolved.

  • Dave

    Not sure if anyone has commented on this, but provides the same service as Xoom (also using More Money as a pick-up point), but for people with bank accounts in the UK (and other countries I believe), at a “libra esterlina blue” rate. Lots of hoops to jump through to get the service to work the first time, but then works fine 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m planning on doing a write up on this service as well for people who do not have a US bank account but have not gotten to it yet. Glad to know it works.

  • brigittte

    i have a home in BA and at the time I have a renter. The agency I use to manage my property is holding my rent money. With the change in the laws I have now 40,000 argi pesos I need to change into US dollars. Can XOOM do this transaction? Then can I just pick it up when I get back to the states??

    • Unfortunately, Xoom does not work from Argentina to the US, only the from the US to Argentina. There are a lot of restrictions on getting funds out of the country. You may be able to find someone willing to transfer money to your US account in exchange for getting pesos here at the blue rate. There are a number of expats who would be willing to do that.

    • Kate

      I would be interested in changing your money for the blue rate. I am moving on February the 10th. I there someone I can trust that holds your money?
      Katherine, [email protected]

  • Marissa Velarde

    Hi! Just found this and signed up, but I don’t know if your link worked to get the amazon gift card. Anyway, I am wondering how long it takes for the transaction to occur. I’m currently in chile and headed to buenos aires on Friday. I hope to pick up the cash then. Also, I thought I read somewhere that there a lot of hoops to jump through. What might they be? Is it a problem that I’m not currently in the states?

    • It should be ready in 15 minutes. Sometimes for first transactions it takes a bit more paperwork to Xoom and/or More Money Argentina. This typically depends on the amount you are sending. If you received a confirmation, you should be good to go.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    You should soon receive another $15.
    I’ve authorized my first transfer.

    Though…the Xoom help desk was pretty hopeless.
    When I got to the recipient page it had Argentina and Argentinian Provinces hard coded. How was I to supply an address that matches my ID in the USA?
    After the pop up box warned about getting the address right because it HAS to match the ID I was leery.

    It seems with a cash pickup, you just need the transaction number and passport with matching name.

  • eswils

    hi DaVe,

    hoping not to repost a similar question… im traveling to BA for two weeks and would love to use xoom for all the reasons you mention. im getting abit confused reading through the comments about travelers and expats. if im just there for a couple weeks (and have spotty spanish) is xoom still a good option? will i need to fill out paperwork at more money? and can i send money to myself while im there?

    thanks so much for your help,

    • Xoom is a good option for tourists too. You will not need a ton of paperwork and you can send to yourself too.

  • lisa

    Hi! I leave for BA on Wed. and want to quickly do the Xoom transfer. Is there a pickup location in the airport? I’m wondering how I’ll take a taxi if there’s no pickup there and I need cash upon arrival. Thanks!

    • Sorry, there is no airport location. I’d recommend exchanging a small amount there or paying one of the car services inside the airport with USD or credit card. You should be able to negotiate the rate with USD.

  • Miguel Berumen

    Hello Dave, I am glad to have run into this blog. I’m an American living in Mar del Plata I have been using my ATM card with out a problem until the last 6 months where you can only extract maximum of 1700 pesos per transaction while being charged 5 dollars by my US bank on top of 8 by the Argentinian bank, while before I was able to extract up to 4500. I am giving Xoom a try in the next weeks, starting with a small amount, I have read that you can’t send money to your self? and also wondering how painful the paperwork might be since my and other expats experience is negative in this respect usually the documentation is extend and unclear as to what you need to present in general “tramites”. Considering I am intending to us xoom on a monthly basis and send around 500-600 based on your experience do you think this would be an issue with AFIP? I am a legal resident with DNI, I work for and American company and get paid in my US bank account any guidance you can provide would be gladly welcome. Thank you or your time

    • You’re using your ATM card!?!?!? 🙂 just kidding….

      You can definitely send money to yourself. I know a lot of people who do this on a monthly basis without issue. There may be some more paperwork required, but it is not that difficult. 500-600 should be no problem as you’re considerably under the limits.

      • Miguel Berumen

        Yes I know Dave, I’m a numbskull for having done so for the past months, but I din’t know any other options and you know how Argentina is things change on the flip of a coin. Thanks for your assistance, I’m giving it a try soon and will let you know on my experience thanks a lot cheers

      • Miguel Berumen

        Dave one more question, I am attempting to purchase property in Argentina. I have been told that I can’t send a wire transfer directly into the bank account of the person I’m purchasing from, that I need to open a bank account on my name transfer the funds from the US there and then change into pesos, further more I need to clarify where I obtained these funds in the US? what is your personal recent experience with this matter? Thanks

    • elsa

      My name is Elsa and I live in Florida, my mom lives in Mar del Plata and would love to meet American people to become friends with. If you are interested please reply. She is very artistic and loves walking and music. Thanks and be well.

      • Hi Elsa.

        Have her check out the website. It’s mostly Buenos Aires expats, but there may be people in Mar del Plata too.

  • Danny

    Hello Dave, I’m going to BuenosAires next week and very interested in doing money transfer via Xoom to be use as my expenses while there. My question is how tedious is the pickup process at the More office at Libertad? What type of document do I have to prepare? Approximately how long will it take for a first timer at More office? Thank you – Danny

    • Sorry, missed this comment. The process is not that difficult. Hope that you got your money!

  • Kate

    Hi Dave, Please correct me if I am wrong. But as I see the money train, this looks good to me. I can go to Colonia and get up to $2999 in US Dollars at a time for $17 per thousand. Zoom said it was no problem but I had to have an address in Uruguay that they do not check (Hotel)Then head to Floria St. or where ever and get a good Peso rate. Am I missing something? The ATM deal seems daunting and I have to make sure I have mt ducks in a row because I am on a tight budget!
    Love and appreciate your blogs as good facts are hard to come by from a distance.



    • Kate, why would you go to Uruguay when you can use Xoom to get almost the blue rate in Argentina and avoid the cost of taking the trip? The Xoom rate today is $8.85, and while that is a bit behind the blue rate of $10 (they usually catch up), the difference is negligible when you talk about a trip to Uruguay.

  • Harriet

    I have one “easy” transaction and then nothing but nightmares using Xoom. Looong stories – be careful on the transaction request when your email name shows up on the line: who to transfer $ to”. It MUST be in your name, not your email. Also, even though they text and email that your $ is ready, it was not, after walking 10 blocks in 98 degree weather, and then they were closing. Wasted 34 minutes of long distance cell time trying to fix problems. Customer service sucks!

  • ursanegro

    I’m glad that xoom is still around. they kicked me off when i was sending tens of thousand across from my US account to my foreign account, or to, generally, pay bills in here in my foreign country. [i wanted the air miles.]

    But xoom was really hot. I need to see if they will let me back on.

  • robert

    xoom is bulshit!! incomptent agents, they canncel transactions without reason!!

  • Glenn

    Since this post is a few years old, I’m happy to report that Xoom still works at the current market rate of 15 to 1 (this is equivalent to what I got for the blue dollar through a friend of a friend, a few days ago). I was able to setup an account, wire money to myself directly from my bank account, and pick it up at the central MORE location on libertador within 30 min. Took a few more minutes once at the location since they apparently needed a few more pieces of personal info, but I was on my way within a half hour. There’s a nominal $30 transaction fee on the zoom transfer which you more than make up on the beneficial exchange rate.

    If you’re going to do this (and I HIGHLY recommend it for travelers) go to the location on libertador. It’s like a real bank with an electronic money counter and official tellers. Much more safe and secure than the other approved Kiosk locations.

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