Send Money from the UK to Argentina

UPDATE: Added some new promo codes and rate info! Plus, use the links below and you’ll receive a £10 Gift Certificate on your first transfer.

Azimo is a new service that allows anyone from the United Kingdom to send money to Argentina – and get the blue rate!

Money Transfer UK to ArgentinaWe’ve previously written extensively about Xoom, but that only works for those with a US bank account. Well, now is the time for Brits to get in on the money-sending action too.

Azimo allows you to send money using any UK debit card, online or telephone banking, or by going into a Barclay’s bank if you’re in the UK. You can then pick up the money in Argentina from a wide range of locations (a lot more than Xoom offers) or send it directly to a bank account. Please note that while their site states that you can pick up US dollars or pesos, that is not correct. You can only get Argentine pesos.

So, what is the rate? Currently it’s an impressive £1 = ARS $21.15 with their standard £5 transfer fee. Compare this to the official rate of £1 = ARS $13.63, and that’s an extra 55% on your money! There is currently a limit of £899.99 every 30 days, but that can be raised by providing proof of identity.

For a limited time, if you use the promotion code 2MYFIRSTTRANSFER or UPTOSPEED when sending, you’ll get the transfer fee (£5) for free as well. (You can also try the code AZIMODISCOVERBA.) And, if you click through my links, you’ll get a £10 Gift Certificate on your first transfer.

Here’s a quick overview video of their incredibly simple process:

Go give Azimo a try now and let us know in the comments how it worked out for you.

(Please note that I earn a referral fee if you use my links above. It’s a great service and I appreciate the support!)