Money Transfer Services to Require a CUIL

Let me start by saying, this is not an April Fool’s joke unfortunately… As of April 1, 2015, any foreign national residing in Argentina for more than 90 days will be required to present a CUIL or CUIT in order to pick up money from any of the money transfer services (Xoom, Azimo, Ria, etc.). This does not apply … Read more

Send Money From The UK To Argentina For Free

UPDATE: This offer is over, but check out our main Azimo page for updated codes and deals. You can still get a £10 Gift Certificate for your first transfer using the links here. —— For those of you who want to send money from the UK to Argentina at the blue rate, we’ve got good news! … Read more

Send Money from the UK to Argentina

UPDATE: Added some new promo codes and rate info! Plus, use the links below and you’ll receive a £10 Gift Certificate on your first transfer. —— Azimo is a new service that allows anyone from the United Kingdom to send money to Argentina – and get the blue rate! We’ve previously written extensively about Xoom, but that only … Read more

Xoom Updates: Still Best Way To Send Money To Argentina

Xoom has consistently been the US expat and tourist’s best way to send money to Argentina and take advantage of the discrepancy between the official exchange rate and the blue market exchange rate. For example, today’s official rate is $4.913, the blue market rate is $6.780 and Xoom is paying $6.313 before fees. We’re seeing … Read more

Xoom Now Offering Better than Blue Market Rate

UPDATE (12/17/15): This information is no longer accurate as the government has eliminated the blue rate. I know, I know… We’ve had a lot of posts about using Xoom to transfer money to Argentina (and here), but today they’re offering a rate of ARS $6.0213 to USD $1 which we had to write about. This is … Read more