Argentina Entrance Fee Must Be Paid In Advance

UPDATE: As of March 24, 2016, the reciprocity fee is no longer required for US passport holders.

Currently, visitors to Argentina from the United States, Canada and Australia must pay an entrance fee (visitor visa) equal to the amount that those countries charge Argentine residents. The current fees are: $160 for the United States (valid for 10 years), $100 for Australians (valid for 1 year) and $75 for Canadians (valid for one entry). In the past, this fee has been payable upon arrival at either the Ezeiza (EZE) or Aeroparque (AEP) airports.

Argentina now requires that this fee be paid online prior to coming to the country. This new policy went into effect on October 31, 2012 for AEP, December 28, 2012 for EZE , January 7, 2013 for every other point of entry into the country, and on July 1, 2013 for cruise ship passengers.

In order to pay the reciprocity fee, you must go to the Provincia Payment System website, register, pay with your credit card and print out a receipt. You must then bring that receipt with you to prove payment.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new steps:

  1. Go to the Provincia Pagos site and click “Sign Up” at the bottom left of the page (really small font)
  2. Fill out the form with all required info (name, passport, etc). Click “Sign Up.”
  3. Fill out a second page with some additional information (gender, tax) (Don’t ask me why this required a second page.) Click “Add” to add a form.
  4. Once you click Add, a new “Pay” button will appear under “Forms Added.” Click “Pay.”
  5. On the next page, confirm that the information is correct and click “Accept.”
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions, select a credit card type and  click “Continue.”
  7. A new window will pop up to enter your credit card information. Enter your credit card information and click “Send”. (Try and use a card that does not have foreign transaction fees.)
  8. Print out your receipt
  9. Remember to bring the paper receipt with you when you travel to Argentina (doh!)
  10. Present the receipt at Immigration Control where it will be scanned and processed

Payment is no longer accepted at the airports and airlines and ferries are now requiring proof of this payment before boarding. You will be denied boarding if you do not bring proof of payment!

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  • Wilbur

    The best news I've heard all year. The sooner Argentina explodes of its own weight and noxious policies, the sooner it can be reborn and hopefully with a better attitude.

    • Raëlian

      It seems you didn’t read well. These countries (USA, Canada and Australia) charge the Argentinian visitors when they go there. Noxious policies? No, it’s absolutely fair. At this point, there are more chances for your country to explode than vice versa.

  • Hubert

    Christina is prepping for her Christmas shopping spree.

  • A guest coming from Canada just tried to enter her passport number which has letters and the site won't allow letters. This is going to be chaotic, I fear.

    • DaVe

      Did you expect this to have been well thought out? 🙂 Hopefully it will be fixed before the final date!

  • Brus Laguna

    In that case I will not be visiting Argentina

  • JFT

    Does this apply to people who drive into the country, or only to those who fly in?

  • Brus Laguna

    And what is the “entrance fee” for citizens of Great Britain ?

    • Free. 🙂 It’s a reciprocal fee and since GB does not charge Argentine citizens, they do not charge GB citizens.

  • A G

    I already paid the reciprocity fee online, but then lost my passport. Since I have a new passport number, does anyone know if I have to pay the fee again?

    • They should have a record of this at customs. The only real question becomes whether the airlines start to require a visa before you fly.

  • Jr

    What if fee has been paid within 2 years for US resident but don’t still have receipt?

    • It should be in your passport, right? I know they can look it up in their system here, but I’m not sure if the airline will let you fly without proof.

    • Stan

      You may write to Provincia Pagos at the address on the website or, better, send them an e-mail with your receipt as an attachment — or call them by phone. They spoke perfect English with me. You may need to enclose the receipt within a compressed file to protect it. If you decide to password protect it, make sure to disclose the password in the text of your message. Ask the good people at Provincia Pagos to reaffirm the validity of your receipt, AND whether there is anything else you will need to bring. I have read you must also bring the credit card you used to charge the ticket (receipt). And, it makes very good sense to bring your charge record of the purchase from your credit card company. If you have all those items with you, I think you are in very good shape; however, to be certain, ask the good people at Provincia Pagos — I have obtained very valuable advice from them, quickly and courteously. I called them, thinking I would never get a reply. They might send you a newer version of the receipt, which is what they did in my case, but then afterwards, I found my old version.
      You will need to provide them with your e-mail address that you used to sign up when you bought the ticket, your nationality and passport number, the last four digits of your credit card used to purchase the ticket, and anything else the folks at Provincia Pagos ask you to include. They were very helpful with me and they sent me the new ticket in an unbelievably short time!!!!! Be certain to bring with you on your trip the e-mail they send you along with any new ticket they send to you. You should also bring the items I mentioned above. I have read in various places that you must bring the credit card you used to make the purchase of the Reciprocity Fee Receipt (or ticket, as it is called in some places).
      Good luck!!!

  • LaRae

    I am seeing conflicting reports on various websites, etc. about cruise ship passengers, which seems to be exempt prior to June 30,2013. However, some sites are saying the new rule on Jan. 7, 2013, says that ALL transportation, including cruises need to pay now. Does anyone know? I’ve got the total run-around.

    • We’re 100% sure that cruise ship passengers are exempt until June 30, 2013.

  • Boe

    I have already paid the fee but lost my passport. Will there be definite proof of this? I’m arrving back to argentina from Uruguay by bus. Thanks

  • mdsbarry

    I think we’ll just skip any country that requires a reciprocal fee from U.S. citizens. That makes it very easy.