Chau PayPal

With all the currency restrictions imposed by the Argentine government, another one now comes into play – as of October 9, 2012, Argentine residents will not be permitted to use PayPal to transfer money between themselves. They will be restricted to using PayPal for international payments only.

Here’s a copy of the revised terms:

Amendment to the User Agreement for PayPal Services
Effective Date: Oct 09, 2012

“Exhibit B – Country-Specific Terms” of the User Agreement for PayPal Services is amended to include:


Argentina Resident PayPal Users may only send and receive international payments. Domestic payments between two Argentina Resident PayPal Users is unavailable.

“Argentina Resident” is defined to mean:

  1. an individual, regardless of actual nationality, who has indicated Argentina as his/her country or region at the point of signing up for a PayPal Account; and
  2. an entity, partnership, organization or association which has indicated Argentina as its country or region of registration at the point of signing up for a PayPal Account.

This is in addition to previous dollar restrictions through PayPal that many were reporting.

– Hat tip to gustavesen.