The Best Yogurt in Buenos Aires

Best Yogurt Buenos AiresI just discovered the best yogurt in Buenos Aires – Yogur Dahi.

After years of eating the crappy yogurt in plastic cups and bags, it’s nice to finally find a smooth, creamy yogurt that comes in a glass jar. I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover this… I guess I assumed that like so many things in Argentina, there weren’t many options so I’d better be happy with what I had. Of course, it costs about $7.50 pesos to the regular $6 pesos of the crappier yogurts, but this is one time that it’s definitely worth spending a bit more.

Just wanted to share my discovery…

  • Alana

    Hi Dave, where can you buy this yogurt? I looked at the big Carrefour in Vicente Lopez and didn’t see it. Thanks!

    • I have seen it everywhere in Capital – Disco, Jumbo as well as the chinos. I’m surprised Carrefour would not have it.

      • Alana

        Thanks, I’ll take a look at some other places.

  • Mariana

    Hi Dave, I love Dahi but I believe the best yogurt in Argentina is La Choza organic (1 liter bottle) its so yummy and its what yogurt really used to be before … oh well another story …. you can find it at EL GALPON, organic market Chacarita and I believe GRANOMADRE carries it 🙂

    • Would love to try it. Anywhere in Belgrano carry it?

      Disco has stopped carrying Dahi in the last few weeks for some reason. I am not sure if it is available elsewhere, but that was very disappointing.

  • Lindam

    Does anyone know if Dahi Yoghurt contains Probiotics? Doesn’t say on the bottle. For those looking for a good supply try Eline Supermercado, Arenales 868, Cap Fed. (between Esmeralda & Suipacha Sts) Always has a good supply.

  • Santiago

    I’ll take Yogurisimo any day of the week. But being here in Italy let me tell you that Argentinean yogurt is much better than Italian yogurt… Man, here they have Danone (who acquired La Serenisima) but even the things that they produce under the Danone license (Activia for example) are better in Argentina. Much more creamier and tastier… Here it’s like eating frozen milk… At the end I’ve settled for a german brand from Lidl but man how I miss Yogurisimo…