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Buenos Aires Record Rainfall and Flooding

While the east coast of the United States is having record snowfall, Buenos Aires has broken the record for February rainfall and come close to an all-time monthly record.  All this rainfall has brought some horrible flooding in the capital as well with many homes and shops flooding.

The video below shows a great shot of a train passing through a flooded intersection during last week’s flooding:


Checking the Weather

I started packing my clothing for the move today and was immediately struck by the thought, “Hmmm…I wonder what I should pack.” I’ll be back in the US in December, so I can always pick up another season of clothing then. In order to pack, I guess I probably should know what the weather is going to be like.  A quick Google search turned up a great graph from The Weather Channel:

So, the good news is that even though I’m moving in their winter, I won’t have to pack my bulky winter clothes. I do remember our tour guide telling us that last July was the first time it had snowed in Buenos Aires in 99 years. After winters in New York and a hot summer, I’m looking forward to the milder climate changes in BsAs.