Farewell to Argentina’s Famed Grass Fed Beef

NPR has a good story on the disappearance of Argentina’s grass-fed beef and the move to feed lots due to the soaring price of soybeans and farmers move to that crop from beef. The bigger problem – there is no way to tell what beef is feedlot and what beef is grass-fed as it’s not identified by production method.

This is quickly leading to an end of Argentina’s reputation for amazing beef, but Uruguay is increasing it’s grass-fed beef production, so maybe we’ll have to head across the border.

Farewell to Argentina’s Famed Beef [NPR]

La Plata National Wine Festival

Last night I attended my first Expat Connection event, the La Plata National Wine Festival in La Plata, Argentina. About twenty people met at a wine shop in Buenos Aires for some champagne and picada before hoping on a chartered bus out to La Plata. Once there, 60 Argentinean wineries presented 350+ of their finest … Read more