Remember to Change Your Clocks – Part II

They certainly do things their own way in Argentina. We just wrote about the upcoming time change. (Argentina began observing Daylight Savings Time last year for the first time since 2000 and did it on only 4 days notice.) And now the government, after just declaring the entire country would be on the same time zone yesterday, has reversed it’s decision. Several of the Western provinces revolted against the decree which would have meant a 10:30pm sunset for some of them, and the Kirchners reversed course while making it seem as if it was their decision. So, now with 1 day to go, we have two separate Argentina time zones. Expect lots of computer issues since no one has had any time to process these changes.

UPDATE (10/19/08): Of course, I woke up today and my computer had failed to switch to the correct time automatically even though my time zone is set to (GMT -03:00) Buenos Aires. I had to set the time manually and turn off Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server in order to get it to work.

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