Disappointed #3

I previously wrote about some of my dissapointments (#1 and #2) in moving to Buenos Aires, and while those were mostly just me joking around, the one that is not a joke, is my missing Burning Man this year. I had planned to make it down here earlier than I did and still make a trip back to the states for Burning Man, but that did not quite work out as planned. I ended up selling my tickets for Burning Man and having to back out on my two friends who are still going.  Last year was my first year and it was an amazing experience, one that in many ways prompted this move down here.

My friend just wrote me the following:

Hey there:

I went to the load in for the container on Saturday in Jersey City and watched as a crew spent quite some time hoisting an enormous wooden crate (about 12’x8’x4′) from the flatbed of a large truck into the container itself. I asked what kind of artwork was in there and they said it was a group that had hired a company to build them several pedicabs that they then converted into art bikes. They plan to give people free rides on the playa and have bike mechanics on the ready should they break down. It’s quite an amazing undertaking, especially considering the cost of having them shipped out to Black Rock City — I paid $70 just for my 9 cubic-foot bin — and one that really makes you appreciate all the imagination and energy that some folks put into Burning Man.

The man burns in only 19 more days.

Hope all is well in Argentina.


All is well, but we’ll miss all of you on the playa this year. I promise to be there next year and to bring a contingent of burners from Buenos Aires. It’s an experience that everyone should have at least once.

Here’s some of my photos from last year.