iPhone 3GThe one major disappointment that I have about moving to Buenos Aires is that I was not able to rush out today and wait in line with everyone else to get the newest iPhone 3G.  I had to read all the blogs about it and all the great new software they have for it, and realize it may be some time before I have one of my own.  While the iPhone is scheduled for release in Argentina, the release date on the Apple web site simply says “Coming Soon.” Plus, it will probably require a contract and a CDI number, which I will most likely not have.

I guessed the techie in me would have to be put on hold for awhile, but to help placate myself, I did try and buy a used Blackberry Pearl 8120 from someone on Craigslist. Unfortunately, after agreeing on the price and a place to meet, he later emailed saying he found another buyer closer to him and that the phone was sold. Nice way to do business, huh? That made not getting the iPhone even more disappointing.

UPDATE (8.22.08): The iPhone has arrived in Buenos Aires! The Argentine Post has an article about the iPhone’s arrival, cost and various service plan options. Unfortunately, I do not have a DNI number so I cannot get a plan. I’m going to have to stick with my pre-paid phone.

UPDATE (5.9.09): Should be getting an iPhone this week thanks to my friend letting me use his company account to sign up!  Can’t wait!