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Google Maps Launches Subway Directions for Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Subway Directions in Google Maps

Ok, so we get things a bit slower here in Argentina…

Yesterday, Google Maps released a mass transit update for Argentina that now includes subway directions!

Yes, you can now use Google Maps to find out the best subway route to get to a specific destination. Unfortunately bus routes are not available, but give that another 5 years or so… (or use Omni Líneas on CualBondi)

Welcome to 2013!



Are The Buenos Aires Subways Running?

With all the recent subway worker strikes, it’s hard to know what subway line is going to be shutdown when.

Luckily for you, some ingenius web developers have put together a new site, ¿Hay subtes?

This beautiful and simple site will give you 5 minute updates on each of the subway lines and their current status. It can save you from the headache of rushing to the subway only to find that it has been shut down…