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Buenos Aires Contacts: Matias Vertone, Personal Trainer

In the third post of our “Buenos Aires Contacts,” I wanted to highlight my personal trainer, Matias Vertone.

While Matias does not speak much English, it has been a fun experience as my personal training sessions turn out to be both a workout and a Spanish lesson in one.  Matias works out of the Always Gym in Palermo Soho but also trains clients at their home, gym or in the park.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and will design a workout specifically tailored to your goals. Don’t let the language barrier stop you! I have a lot of friends who use him as well and love the workout he puts you through.

Matias Verone
Personal Trainer
Cel. +54 9 11 5829 9909


A Great Personal Trainer in Buenos Aires

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Buenos Aires, let me recommend mine.

His name is Adrián Di Domenico and he specializes in functional and kettle bell training as well as training for fútbol, tennis and contact sports, prevention and rehabilitation, posture re-education, and body building.  He is also extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.  He is available to train at your gym, your home or the park.  He also speaks perfect English.  We’ve been using him for over 3 months and have seen noticeable improvements.

You can contact him via phone at 155.706.7200 or via email at [email protected].  And check out his Facebook page – Ready, Go, Do, Lift. I strongly recommend him.