Expat Tech: Watch Netflix and Hulu from Argentina

I had previously written about downloading or streaming US television shows and movies while in Buenos Aires, but as that article is now almost a year and a half old, I’ve been meaning to get around to updating it.  In the time since I wrote that post, I’ve switched to a new solution that I … Read more

Expat Tech: Downloading Content Overseas

As expats, we may be away from our home countries, but it’s always nice to have a taste of home from time to time.  That’s probably why so many of us actually buy the crappy Skippy peanut butter for $27 pesos from the imported foods section of Jumbo.  In addition to food, it’s also nice to be … Read more

Going to the Movies

It’s funny, but when you don’t speak the language, everything becomes a bit of an adventure. Tonight I decided to venture out to the movies – something I wouldn’t have thought twice about back in the States. I walked over to Cinemark 10 Palermo to catch The Dark Knight, also known here as Batman: El Caballero … Read more