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Argentina Holidays

Keeping up with the holidays in Argentina is a difficult task.

First, as a foreigner, you’re already at a disadvantage because you did not grow up knowing what days are holidays. Second, they seem to have a lot of holidays (17 now). And third, they keep adding more!

In fact, last year Argentina added five more holidays to the calendar. These included adding several long weekends as a way to boost tourism and adding two days off for Carnaval in March (no word on what the decrease in work days causes on the economy).

The official government list of holidays is available on the Ministry of the Interior’s web site, but since you’re probably not going to go there to check all the time, there’s an easier way to keep track of the Argentine holidays by adding them to your Google Calendar.  To do this:

  1. Open your Google Calendar
  2. On the lower left side, under “Other Calendars,” click on Add
  3. Choose Add a friend’s calendar
  4. It will then ask you for an email address. Enter: [email protected]
  5. Click Add

That’s it! You’ll now have a new “Diás Festivos de Argentina” on your Google Calendar and can keep up with all the days that Argentines have off of work.


Send Your Holiday Cards to the States – For Free!

Google Holiday CardsOk, so you’re down here in Buenos Aires, enjoying the warm December weather while all your friends and family are stuck back in the northern hemisphere freezing and waiting for the holidays.  Why not cheer them up and send them an old-fashioned, non-electronic holiday card?  Ahh, right, all the hassles with postage and sending things from Buenos Aires…

Well, luckily, Google comes to the rescue – if you don’t mind a little Gmail branding that is. As part of a new promotion, Google will send one free holiday card via snail-mail for you. There are six different designs to choose from.

You say, “One card is not enough for all the people I know! AND, I want to personalize my card!”  Well then, check out Hippopost.  They allow you to turn any photo into a postcard and add a customized message to the back. They add a small advertising message and then send the card to any US or Canadian address.  You can do this from your mobile phone, the web or Facebook. (Be careful choosing which drunken one to use and who you send it to.) They have a limit of sending 2 per day, so you’d better get started now.

Ok, now you have no excuse not to send snail-mail cards to everyone you know…get to it!