The Quest for Sushi Continued

I’ve previously written about the travails of finding good sushi in Buenos Aires, which included having a tuna roll made from canned tuna and really only liking one or two places we tried (Osaka being one). Plus, I still cannot understand the Argentine fascination with putting cream cheese in just about every roll they make.

Still, one of the benefits of being here for a longer time is the ability to hear about good experiences and try new places. Recently we tried two – Itamae Sushi and SushiPhone.

Itamae Sushi is a large chain with thirteen locations in Capital Federal. I was pretty sure I had been at least once before and liked it, but couldn’t really remember, so we decided to try it for dinner delivery last week. All I can say is – I must have a bad memory. The sushi was bland, the rice too compacted and it arrived much colder than sushi should be eaten at. I was expecting a lot more, especially for the price. What a disappointment. We have now crossed this one off our list for good, which is too bad as it’s right around the corner from us.

Sushi Phone on the other hand does not have any physical locations and only takes orders by phone (pretty clever with their name, huh?). We found out about them through a 50% off discount on FullExit, which offered 40 pieces of sushi for $56. We placed our order not expecting much, but figuring the discount made it worthwhile. When the sushi arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. Even though a lot of the rolls did contain cream cheese, they were flavorful and well-balanced. The fish was fresh and the combinations were creative. I would rank this as one of the top places I have tried so far (much better than Sushiclub for example). The only drawback was that it took about an hour and forty-five minutes for the food to arrive, so be sure to plan in advance. I also wish I had ordered more than just one coupon!

So, here is a shortlist of my acceptable sushi places (the ones I can remember at least): Osaka, Sushi Phone, Dashi, Jardín Japonés, Benihana (nothing special, but their menu ejectivo is a great deal), and To Sushi.

Any other suggestions?