We Scored A Pumpkin!

Halloween 2014 UPDATE: Like many things in Argentina, this year has proven nearly impossible to find a pumpkin… Either they did not sell well last year or there is an import ban that is preventing pumpkins from coming into the country. Ahhh…life in Argentina!


In my 5+ years of living in Buenos Aires, this is the first year that I have actually seen pumpkins readily available. Looks like Halloween is catching on in Buenos Aires!

Halloween Pumpkin in Buenos Aires

We scored one from our local verduleria by calling them last week and asking if they had any pumpkins. While they only had one at the time, they have since restocked, and we’ve seen numerous reports of pumpkins being available at Jumbo and Disco as well. This is a first, but a sign that Halloween (and all the money it makes vendors) is becoming bigger and bigger in Argentina.

Just make sure not to confuse calabaza, which is very common here, with pumpkin. It is often translated as pumpkin, but in reality should be more closely translated to squash. The sticker on the pumpkin we bought actually called it “calabaza decorativa.” Guess they do not know about pumpkin pie yet!

Remember to bring your kids out to our Halloween trick-or-treating event on Thursday, October 31!