Madonna is Coming to Buenos Aires

That’s right, Madonna is bringing her Sticky & Sweet tour to Buenos Aires on December 6, and it’s been a big deal.  There are actually three different on sale dates:

August 27 – 29: for members of her fan club
September 6 – 7: for CITI customers
September 8: for everyone else

Ticketek also has a special pre-registration web page.  While it does not guarantee tickets, they claim it will speed up the ticket buying process on September 8.

Ok, so I hate her new album, but I have a special place in my heart for her. I still remember asking the girls in my 8th grade class to cut out pictures of her from their Tiger Beat magazines for me. Plus, you can’t deny that her songs are classics. And, I’ve never actually seen her live before. And, when you compare ticket prices in Buenos Aires to ticket prices in New York it’s a good deal (all in U.S. dollars):

Buenos Aires – River Plate
Campo VIP / Palta Preferencial: $210
Paltea Baja: $160
Platea Alta: $60
Campo: $72
General: $32


New York – Madison Square Garden
Floor Seating: $354.50
Promenade Seating (Level 100-200): $64.50 – $354.50
Loge Level Seating: $64.50 – $354.50
Promenade Level 300 Seating: $64.50 – $99.50
Mezzanine Level Seating: $64.50

And, the highest prices in BsAs guarantee you’ll get the best seats up front – at MSG, you’ll still be two levels up! Plus, you’d have to pay crazy scalper prices to get good floor seats.

So, for all those reasons (not that I have to justify anything), I’ve pre-registered and I’ve added September 8 to my calendar to try and get tickets…  I’ll let you know how it goes.