Hotel Tonight Launches in Buenos Aires

Hotel Tonight Buenos AiresHotel Tonight, the same-day, discount hotel booking app for iPhone and Android, has just launched in Buenos Aires. I’ve used this app when staying in New York City and it worked out quite well – I saved about 45% on the regular rate for a same-day hotel booking.

Looking at their Buenos Aires offerings, they have 5 hotels for today:

  • Rendez-Vous Hotel: U$S 100
  • Prodel Hotel: U$S 90
  • Dazzler San Martin: U$S 60
  • Intercontinental: U$S 199
  • Faena: U$S 499

So, how does this compare? Well, we found these prices on Expedia:

  • Rendez-Vous Hotel: U$S 104 (3.8% discount)
  • Prodeo: N/A
  • Dazzler San Martin: U$S 85 (29% discount)
  • Intercontinental: U$S 199 (0% discount)
  • Faena: U$S 499 (0% discount)

Ok, so not an exceptional number of choices or discounts at the moment, but since they just launched I would expect the number of hotels offering same day discounts to increase in the coming weeks.

You’ll also get $25 off your first booking if you enter our referral code ( DMCCOMB4 ) under “Redeem promo code” in the app settings.

Check it out. It’s a great way to save some money on same day hotel bookings.