Buenos Aires Do Not Call Registry (Registro No Llame)

One of the more annoying things about in Argentina has been the high volume of telemarketing calls. Even better, these calls all seem to be timed to come about 8pm or 9pm at night, which is especially great when you have kids that you just put to sleep.

Do Not Call RegistryWell, no more! Buenos Aires now has a super-simple Do Not Call Registry. You can even add your mobile number! Simply go to the Registro No Llame website, enter your phone number and wham! no more calls. Or, that is what they promise at least…

You will supposedly get a confirmation call and then be added to the do not call list. Unfortunately we registered three numbers about 3 days ago and are still waiting for the confirmation call. Hopefully they’re just overwhelmed and working through the backlog.

No word yet on whether or not it will eliminate unwanted text messages, but that would be a huge relief as well.