Argentina FAIL: Doc McStuffins Now White

When you have a two year-old you quickly learn who their favorite TV characters are – Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny and of course, her favorite, Doc McStuffins (Doctora Juegetes in Spanish). Of course if you don’t have kids, these will probably not mean a lot to you, but Doc McStuffins was one of the hottest toys this Christmas. Here she is:

Doc McStuffins Doll

So, it came as quite a surprise when I was walking by the Tutti Frutti store in Buenos Aires and saw this one:

Doc McStuffins Argentina

Yep, in Argentina Doc McStuffins is now white. While this is not the “official” Disney version (the TV show is the same as in the States), I found it pretty crazy that they decided to change her skin color. Luckily, all their other toys seemed to be the correct color… The Pink Panther was indeed pink.

Argentina, definitely not the politically correct capital of the world.