Boeing 747 For Sale – Small Pieces Only!

Looks like Aerolineas Argentinas has come up with a creative way to recover some of the $1.4 million dollars they are losing per day – MercadoLibre! (And yes, they do lose that much money – in 2012 they lost $500 million dollars, but they are hopeful that 2013 loses will only total $250 million. Good thing they were nationalized and Argentine taxes can subsidize them. [CAPA])

Parts of a Boeing 747 were on sale on MercadoLibre (Argentina’s answer to eBay), but at the moment it looks like the auctions have ended unfortunately. So, what could you have bought?

If you look at some of the comments, you’ll see that you can also buy the cockpit chair for U$S 3000 and even the whole fuselage for only U$S 990,000 – though you’d be responsible for transportation costs.

My favorite is definitely the turbine. If I had a yard that would have made a great jungle gym. Not sure how I would have gotten it into my apartment though…

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– Hat Tip: Reddit