My name’s Dave and I’m a New York City transplant who decided to make a lifestyle change and move to Buenos Aires for a year or two. (UPDATE: now relatively-permanent! My wife is Argentine and our daughter and son have dual-nationalities.) My goal was to really experience a new culture and lifestyle, learn Spanish, explore South America and meet new people. So far, the move has been everything I expected and more.

I was born in Michigan and moved to New York immediately after college. I loved NYC, but realized that the city can really burn you out.  So, I sold/donated most of my belongings, took advantage of some savings and the fact that a lot of my work could be done over the Internet, and decided to make a change.  This blog details my new experiences for friends, family and anyone else who may be interested.  Hopefully it proves useful to you!

Feel free to ask me any questions.  You can also follow us on Twitter as well!

  • Romina

    Hi Dave, can you give me your email please? Thank you!

    • You can email me at: dave [AT] discoverbuenosaires.com.


  • Pablo K.

    I was pissed about being unable to use HotSpot Shield to view Hulu when one of the Google results led me to your page/blog. I'm a Porteño, and I found your views and experiences very intersting.
    It's intriguing to know how a complete foreigner sees your city and it's ways, you've found yourself a new reader!

    • Pablo – thanks for the comments and stopping by. I've learned a lot about the city and people in the last 6+ months. Definitely a fan of Buenos Aires and porteños.

  • aaron

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the blog. I'm actually in a similar situation and looking to move to Buenos Aires for a year and really see for myself.

    How long did it take you to learn spanish? Any good methods? How did you start? Did you pick a place first? You should start a forum on this site 🙂

    • Hey Aaron,

      I'd recommend it if you can! I am still learning Spanish, but to be honest, I took a break after 6 months of it when I really should have kept it up. I had a great Spanish tutor in Buenos Aires and also took "Spanish for Foreigners" at the University of Buenos Aires (I have 2 posts on the site about this).

      Check out http://www.baexpats.org for a good forum on BA. It helped me a lot.

      Best of luck!

  • I saw your request for a US power strip with a US 3-prong plug on an expat sight, I am not a member and could not respond to your request there. I have three of them, two still in the Ace Hardware package. My email address is merrittblog at gmail

  • DaVe

    Hey Sandra,

    Finding work here is pretty difficult. You are not legally allowed to work on a tourist visa, so that leaves few options. One of those options is teaching English, but that work calls for long hours and pays relatively little. The people who have the most flexibility are the ones who can earn in dollars and spend in pesos (Internet and remote work).

  • Hey Dave! I lived for 18 years in Michigan, near Ann Arbor in Plymouth. A2 is my fav town in the state and NYC is my favorite city in USA. Interesting! Hope you are enjoying life in BsAs. My trip had a lot of bad, but a lot of good too. I hope to come back to Buenos Aires one day and give it a second chance.

    • DaVe

      Hey Kirsten, sorry to hear that you had a lot of bad on the trip, but I guess it's the good that is making you think about a second trip. I grew up in Michigan too, and A2 is definitely my fav too. Have a safe trip!

      • julie anne c.

        Hola! Sorry, I don't mean to butt in on your conversation! The 'I grew up in Michigan' caught my eye! I grew up in Michigan too. I am living in Arizona now, but I will return home one day!! Something I am really looking forward to! I happened upon your blog as I was searching for a way to uninstall Microsoft Word 2000 Starter. Somewhere in here, I saw that I can download it without the click-to-run program. The post mentioned having to have a key number and password? Neither of which I have. How do I do this???
        I am not the smartest pea in the pod when it comes to these fandangled computers so this whole search and rescue mission has been really frustrating!! Any info you can give me, possibly in plain english, would be much appreciated!
        I don't know where you grew up in Michigan, but there is a Facebook group called 'I grew up in Roseville Michigan' that is like a blog. If you're from anywhere around there and you ever get homesick, it's a funny place to visit! TTYS.

        • DaVe


          I grew up in Roseville too. 🙂 Small world…

  • Eli Levinson


    I have two income sources, which totals to about $ 2,900/mo….( Rent and social security).
    Can a couple live in Buenos Aires from this income? I am talking about a modest peaceful life.. I will keep my income property just in case.

  • Matias

    Hi Dave!

    I found your posts very interesting. Being in the reverse situation you’re in (moved from Buenos Aires to North America), it’s very neat to see what it’s like the other way around. I don’t think any of my local friends here truly understand how bad bureaucratic red tape can be, how smoothly things work here…

    Experiencing such contrasting cultures can give us a unique and humbling appreciation for what we have.

    I was wondering though, what made you choose Buenos Aires?

    And you write that you left New York because it can burn you out. How is Buenos Aires any different in that respect? (I have never been to New York, so I wouldn’t know).

    Oh, and don’t keep the new car too shiny…

  • Mariana

    Greaaaaat blog! I'm going to France to do the same thing as you did there for 8 months and when I come back (I'm from Brazil) I want to go to Buenos Aires for a while too! Very helpful and interesting. Thanks!

    Do you have any suggestion for the Spanish course? I appreciate it.

  • Thanks for the site Dave. I'm glad that you're happy and made the (semi-permanent) move to Buenos Aires. I've been looking at several south american countries for eventual retirement and will bookmark the site to read more about Argentina.

  • maria

    your blog and this section I found very interesting,

    I really like your anecdotes and accounts
    of the language as you did

  • Gwendolyn

    Dave, I hope you and your family are enjoy Buenos Aires, Argentina. It appears to be a nice place to live.
    I have just join your blog so, I am look forward to reading and looking at the previous pictures. Be safe.

    • DaVe

      Thanks, Gwendolyn. It's a nice city, but you definitely develop a love-hate relationship with it. 🙂

  • Mary

    Hi, Dave. Great blog with lots of valuable info. I see that you have several postings on how to send money to Argentina. I am looking for information on transfers in the opposite direction: I’ll be selling an apartment in Bs As and would like to transfer the money to my us bank account. Do you have any info on this? Thanks in advance!

    • DaVe

      Most of the people I know who have done this use Banco Piano. If you legally sell it, you can move the money out of the country – for a fee. They used to charge around 3% but I think it’s closer to 6% now. The only other option you have is to try and find someone who needs money in the country and do a swap. This is obviously more difficult but not impossible.

  • Katelyn C.

    Hi Dave. I will be studying abroad in Argentina beginning in March 2013. I am a Spanish major and am really nervous about the change. I will be staying with a host family and studying at the Universidad del Belgrano. Thank you so much for posting, its nice to see some info about Buenos Aires written in English from an American’s point of view!!!

    • mccomb

      Glad that it helped! It’s a great city and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. There is a lot to see and do here.

    • Sarah Kate

      Katelyn – I did a Master’s degree at Belgrano. You will love Buenos Aires and Belgrano. Don’t be nervous!

  • sandobusso

    Hi Dave

    Fantastic Blog! We (fam of 4) are visiting Argentina later this year for 3 months (have sent you an email with question re visa) and are going to do a motorhome trip around the country, from middle to top, to bottom and back to middle. Can’t wait and will keep updated by tuning in here. Keep the blogs coming. They’re fab!

  • Kate101

    Hello Everyone! Has an crazy Americans moved recently? I am really interested but will have to make some additional income by teaching English. Any current successful stories to share?

    • There are indeed still crazy Americans moving here! It’s a bit harder with inflation and the cost of living, but not impossible.

      • Kate101

        Hi Dave,

        My reasons are the exact same ones you had. I tried moving to Spain and even went over and got a job but the Visa has been almost impossible. So I thought if I had to stay in the Americas, Buenos Aries should have the most European feel. I have an extra bonus by not work in the US. I get to keep some measly income that is more than enough to cover rent and a little more. I need to work to live well and to make friends. From what I have read I should come in January to get my feet wet and hopefully score a job teaching. (I have applied to everything I can find in English there).
        Do you teach? Was it easy to make friends with little Spanish? Any advise would be great.

        Glad you made it!


        • Hey Kate, sorry for the delayed response – a new baby will do that to you.

          I do Internet work, so this was a pretty easy move for me. There is definitely a possibility to teach here though it is not very high paying. You’ll see that the city can be quite expensive. Making friends is not too hard though, There is a large expat community here, and Argentines can be a very friendly and welcoming bunch too.

  • Edward Gilleland

    Hello Dave.
    I enjoy your blog. I am also a Michigan native in Buenos Aires, grew up in Clarkston and attended WMU. My x-wife is Argentine (from Tandil) and my daughter holds a dual nationality. Maybe our paths will cross sometime.

    • Thanks, Edward. Glad that you like the blog… it’s a small world down here, so very possible we’ll cross paths.

  • Adrian

    Hey Dave i follow your plans. How you make money over the internet ? Software development ? At least this is my plan.
    Greetz from Berlin

    • Hi Adrian, I do a number of things. 🙂 But yes, web development is one thing that I have been doing for clients in the US. We have a development team based in Argentina. Good luck!

  • M.E.Evans

    Again, I did the same thing with Italy, although this year we’re back in the US temporarily. My husband is also Italian but we haven’t had children yet. Great blog!

  • Matt Nahdee

    Hey Dave – Vamos Azul!

    From Canada but played for the Wolves’ in undergrad and carry dual citizenship from US/CAN. My spouse is also an Argentine national (La Plata) and we are thinking of bridging our lives too. I do micro-VC/Seed money/incubation for small businesses and was wondering if we could connect sometime!

    Love the site!

    • Thanks, Matt. Would love to connect. Send me an email dave [@] discoverbuenosaires.com

  • Carole El-Rahi

    Hi Dave, I really like your blog! Would I be able to send you an email regarding joining the Townske community and becoming a publisher? Speak soon 🙂

  • Matt

    Wow I can’t believe I found this! I’m from NJ and planning to do a solo trip for six months to BsAs Sept 2016. I’ll be reading through the rest of your site!