A Great Resource for Those Moving to Buenos Aires

When I originally started contemplating making a move to Buenos Aires, naturally I went to the web to start researching what was involved and what I might expect. I found a lot of great sites – some of which are listed under my favorite links on the right. I also ordered an ebook by Laura Zurro called “Moving to and Living in Buenos Aires.”

I just happened to pick that book back up again this week and realized how much useful information she has compiled together.  The chapters include:

Chapter 1: Why We Moved to Buenos Aires
Chapter 2: Research and Planning – Planning the move
Chapter 3: Visas – In depth explanation of visa types, how to qualify, necessary documents
Chapter 4: Working in Buenos Aires – The reality of working in Buenos Aires and how to make it work for you
Chapter 5: Moving Your Belongings – What you need to know about bringing your personal belongings to Buenos Aires by container or by suitcase
Chapter 6: Real Estate in Buenos Aires – Detailed information on the best places to live, amenities, how to rent a property, how to obtain a CDI, purchasing a property
Chapter 7: Kids – What to expect if you want to move to Buenos Aires with kids
Chapter 8: Healthcare – Detailed explanation of health care available in Buenos Aires, including a discussion on maternity and alternative health care
Chapter 9: Pets – Step by step explanation on preparing and moving your pets, and what to expect for them once you’re living in Buenos Aires.
Chapter 10: Settling In – Furnishing your home, daily house routines, utilities, paying bills, banking
Chapter 11: Keeping in Touch Back Home – Bill pay, Internet, phone, business
Chapter 12: Food and Drink – What to expect about food, groceries, shopping
Chapter 13: Cost of Living – Detailed cost of living comparisons
Chapter 14: Social Life and Recreation – What is available for social life and recreation
Chapter 15: Security – How to stay safe in Buenos Aires
Chapter 16: Transportation – Getting around by public transportation, driving safely
Index: Real estate abbreviations and terminology

I re-read all 99 pages of it and it definitely reminded me of a few additional things I needed to do before we leave.  I’d strongly suggest ordering this book from her for $24.95 as it’s worth every penny.