Supermarket Sushi – Oh Yeah!

I just had to point out my most recent discovery – supermarket sushi! (And yes, it is a big deal in Buenos Aires.)

Supermarket Sushi Comes to ArgentinaThat’s right, no longer do I need to make the trek to Barrio Chino to get their subpar supermarket sushi, my local Disco has started carrying their own!

Now, I may have been living under a rock and entirely missing this, but it’s the first I’ve seen supermarket sushi outside of Chinatown and… it was surprisingly fresh and good. Yes, it does indeed contain cream cheese, but I’m actually getting used to that in my sushi now (am I becoming more Argentine?).

For $76,90 (about U$S 9) it came with 6 pieces of salmon sushi and 12 salmon cream cheese rolls covered in black and white sesame seeds. I thought that was a relatively fair price and it was as simple as picking it up from the deli case. I think this will become a weekly routine seeing as how making it to Osaka every week has not been working out. 🙂

UPDATE: And of course I went back to Disco to buy some more and they didn’t have it. Have to love Argentina!