Bringing My Stuff

I’m planning on being in Buenos Aires for a year or two, and since I heard that shipping anything from the USĀ is a real pain in the ass, I’m planning on bringing everything I need with me. This includes all my clothes and personal items, as well as laptops, small electronics (Vonage router, wireless router, … Read more

I’m already behind

This blog just started and I’m already behind! I actually made the decision to move to Buenos Aires four to five months ago and have been doing planning and research for some time now. I decided to start the blog only recently though, so I’ll have some catching up to do in terms of detailing … Read more

Welcome to the Discover Buenos Aires Blog!

Welcome to my blog – Discover Buenos Aires. I decided to start this blog to detail my move from New York City to Buenos Aires. I’ll be detailing some of the reasons for the move, some of the issues I had, great resources I used, etc. Look for more information to be added shortly!