Not Everything Goes According to Plan – Part II

As much as you may plan, not everything always goes according to that plan. Case in point: while all my luggage made it in one piece, not all the contents of the luggage made it in one piece.  I just discovered this today when I moved into my new apartment and I hooked up my computer and LCD screen.

Yep, my LCD screen is completely busted – cracked beyond repair. It now looks like moderrn art, so while I may set it up on the wall in the living room (just kidding), it’s not going to do me much good in the office.  Luckily, the apartment came with a computer that has a small monitor, so I’m making do, but I’ll be looking for a new LCD shortly. The one thing that I didn’t want to do since electronics are so expensive here. Oh well, in the grand scheme of what has happened in the last day, this is relatively minor. I still have not had the energy to write all about that, but it will be coming shortly…look for Part I.