Internet Domain Names

While I realize that this is not going to be a part of most people’s planning process, being the Internet guru, I started looking for BsAs domain names as soon as I decided to make the move. I figured, who knows what I’ll be doing or what’s going to interest me, but it might make sense to have some localized domain names. Now of course, having limited Spanish (at this time), I decided to only focus on English domain names. Also, since every possible decent combination of names in the .com space is most likely gone, I looked for expiring domain names. SnapNames is a great place to do this. They keep a list of expiring domain names and try to secure them for you once they expire and are released. They set up an auction for the domains and the highest bidder gets the name. If you do not get into a bidding war (which I did on one of them – more on that later), then you can end up with a good domain at a decent price.

I was able to register these domains so far: (bidding war on this one – yow!)

They all point to this site for now, but who knows what they may become in the future. Keep your eyes on them!