Google Street View Comes To Argentina

Street View coming to Buenos Aires
Street View coming to Buenos Aires

UPDATE: Google Street View Argentina is now live!

Argentina’s always a little late to the party…

Google Maps didn’t launch here until November 2008, well behind its 2005 release and almost every other country. And, while we finally got maps, we did not get the popular street view feature.

Five years later, Google Street View is finally making its way to Argentina. The stated reason for the delay was the problem of obtaining the necessary permits to allow the street view cars to operate in the country. What? A bureaucratic delay in Argentina? How is that possible? 🙂

Anyhow, on October 2, Google is hosting a press event to show off the new street view cars and start the process of photographing the streets of Buenos Aires. (No word yet on what other cities may be available.)

Now, don’t expect street views to show up that quickly though. Google still has to process all the images and blur out faces and license plates. Still, it’s coming, so that’s big news!