Dim Sum in Buenos Aires

Dim Sum in Buenos AiresDim sum used to be one of my favorite weekend activities in New York. Heading to the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown was always a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning while trying to shake a hangover.

Now, before I get your hopes up, unfortunately, Buenos Aires does not have a true dim sum experience, but we (re)discovered the closest thing – Hong Kong Style.

This restaurant at Montañeses 2149 in Barrio Chino makes some amazing dumplings, siu mai, spring rolls and other food. While the choices are not extensive, and many of the menu items were not actually available, we went last week and had an assortment of their specialities:

  • shrimp with bamboo dumplings
  • pork with green onion and ginger dumplings
  • pork dumplings
  • pork spring rolls

We actually didn’t even order any of their main dishes, preferring to just stick to the appetizers and dumplings.

Not quite dim sum, but we take what we can get.