Happy Put Up Your Christmas Tree Day!

Ok, so it’s not actually “Happy Put Up Your Christmas Tree Day” it’s the “Inmaculada Concepción de María” but still, everyone in Argentina uses this holiday to decorate their Christmas tree. Even better this year, since it falls on a Thursday, the government has made Friday a holiday as well, so that means it’s a nice four day weekend. (Well, for those of you who do not work with clients in the US.)

Unfortunately, real Christmas trees do not exist in Buenos Aires, so we’re stuck with using artificial ones. It’s also going to be 88 degrees today, so that “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” saying does not really apply. Still, we’re looking forward to putting up the tree and seeing how many ornaments Hannah can destroy this year.

Bonus Tip: if you don’t have a tree or ornaments yet, wait until tomorrow to go shopping. As this is Christmas Tree Day, everything tomorrow will be 50% off.