Buenos Aires Daily Deals Sites

With the amazing success of any new business, there’s bound to be plenty of copycats and that has certainly been the case for Groupon, the original daily deals site.  We previously wrote about the Groupon launch in Buenos Aires and since then numerous competitors have popped up.

Basically all these sites work the same way: you sign up for their mailing list and each weekday they send you a promotion that is only good for that day. This promotion is usually something in excess of 50% off the normal price.  A certain number of people need to sign up for that promotion for it to be active. You pay in advance and when the deal is finished, you get a coupon emailed to you for the deal.

Now, there’s a lot of room in this space for daily deals sites, and the more there are, the better the deals can be for the consumer. If you’re in Buenos Aires, I’d recommend checking out some of these sites and signing up for their deals. It is a great way to save money and find some new places as well.

Here’s the current list of sites that are active in Buenos Aires right now:

Groupon (19,021 Likes on Facebook)
The original and biggest of the daily deals sites. Groupon launched on June 24, 2010, and since then has expanded to include four Buenos Aires deals sites: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Premium, Buenos Aires Zona Norte and Buenos Aires Zona Sur. You’ll still see some of the best deals from them.

No te la pierdas.com (3,312 Likes on Facebook)
No te la pierdas.com is the second largest of the sites. They offer pretty much the same standard deal of the day format.

Cuponica (2,268 Likes on Facebook)
Cuponica is the next largest of the sites and offers a bit of a spin on the Groupon deals format in that they also offer additional coupons for the advertiser of the day in addition to the main deal.

Oferta Simple (1,785 Likes on Facebook)
Started by a group of American expats, Oferta Simple copies the Groupon model in several South American cities.

LetsBonus (1,257 Likes on Facebook)
Tired yet? Here’s yet another one.

Full Exit (785 Likes on Facebook)
Nothing much more to say as they’re all pretty much the same. Full Exit seems to still be working on their technology issues though as I often get emails from them with broken images.

UPDATE (10/20/10): And yet another:

Waku (2,108 likes on Facebook) – move along, nothing different to see here.

UPDATE (11/2/10): And another…

ClickOnero (2,742 likes on Facebook) – yep, you get the idea by now.

UPDATE (11/5/10):

Por Un Dia (1,399 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (11/17/10):

BigDeal (4,306 likes on Facebook) – these are hard to keep up with.

UPDATE (12/7/10):

Henry just informed us that we have fallen behind with our list of sites, so here’s another…

Groupalia (2,561 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (12/19/10):

Club Cupón (790 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (12/23/10):

Agrupate (1,287 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (12/26/10):

Timbai (379 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (1/1/11):

Grupazo (3,657 likes on Facebook)

Mercado Grupal (242 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (1/16/11):

Oferdar (158 likes on Facebook)

UPDATE (1/20/11):

PIGiT (69 likes on Facebook): where did they get this name from?

UPDATE (3/17/11):

Pez Urbano (339 likes on Facebook): yep, they keep coming…

UPDATE (3/19/11):

Social Libre (101 likes on Facebook): it’s getting hard to keep up


If you know of any others, let me know in the comments. Now, go sign up and start saving.