Back in the USA…

It now marks three weeks that we’ve been back in the States, and I have to say I’m not missing the Buenos Aires winter! It’s been absolutely beautiful here, and I’m really liking this idea of spending summers in Vermont and summers in Buenos Aires. The only question is where to fit in the snowboarding?

Here’s some of the things I’ve quickly realized that I missed about being in the States:

  • Online shopping
  • Grocery stores with every imaginable option and choice, including: dill pickles, peanut butter, baked potato chips and turkey sandwiches (and hundreds of other lunch meats). And, no lines!
  • Great seafood and sushi! We bought grocery store sushi that was better than most in Buenos Aires.
  • TJ Maxx – I love this store. We’re stocking up on clothing, toys, etc. to bring back to BA.
  • Being in the mountains of Vermont in the summertime.
We’ll be back to Buenos Aires in the spring…maybe…