Credit Cards

The next thing on the “To Do” list was to replace any of my credit cards that were expiring in the next year or so. This turned out to be incredibly easy. My American Express expires in 7 months, and after a quick call to customer service, they sent me a new card via overnight … Read more

Postal Mail

UPDATE (10/25/10): Please check out my newer post on mail forwarding services. When I decided to make the move to Buenos Aires a few months ago, I also decided to start switching as many of my accounts to e-bills as I could.  This resulted in an immediate reduction in the amount of mail I received … Read more

Setting Up Telephone and Cell Phone Service

Setting up phone service when you moved out of the country used to be a lot more complex. With the Internet and voice-over-ip services, everything is pretty simple. Telephone: Vonage I’ve had a Vonage phone number in the NYC (212) area code for almost four years now and it’s moved wherever I’ve gone. I’m keeping this number in … Read more

A Great Resource for Those Moving to Buenos Aires

When I originally started contemplating making a move to Buenos Aires, naturally I went to the web to start researching what was involved and what I might expect. I found a lot of great sites – some of which are listed under my favorite links on the right. I also ordered an ebook by Laura … Read more