My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Went to the opening of Cocina Sunae last night in Buenos Aires. An amazing pan-asian closed door restaurant. Info at #
  • shows you what topics are trending higher on Twitter & actually explains why. Very useful! #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #
  • Made another trip to Green Bamboo restaurant last night & had amazing Indian at Tandoor on Saturday. Finding some great new places in BsAs! #
  • Interesting article on why text messages are limited to 160 characters from the Los Angeles Times. #
  • Really liking the new album “Approaching Normal” from Blue October. I have to go download their other album now. #fb #
  • Cool! dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack displays a mobile-friendly version of your blog when it detects a mobile browser. #
  • IMG00110.jpg #
  • Gonna have to head to Tandoor for some great Indian food again tonight. The only spicy food in Buenos Aires! #fb #
  • Conocé la historia del @tachero honesto. Entrá, dejale tu apoyo y doná algo para recompensarlo. #